Community Building & Organizational Cooperation

The city must continue to implement projects and plans that increase the livability and quality of life for all within our community. Non-profits and other organizations must be encouraged to join the city in providing an inclusive and forward-looking community.

I will work to improve Santa Clarita’s community through my experience working with local non-profit organizations. By partnering with outreach organizations like A Bridge to Home, I will continue to build strong relationships throughout our community by furthering the city’s plans for a permanent homeless shelter and transitional housing.

Economic Vitality

The city must continue to provide support and services to keep residents safe during the COVID-19 pandemic while at the same time allowing our businesses and residents to earn a livelihood. The city must proactively and in creative ways assist in the recovery of our businesses and suffering residents. The city must also strive to mitigate any harm caused by state and county-imposed mandates that do not consider Santa Clarita’s unique circumstances so that no more businesses, homes, or jobs are lost.

I will work to improve Santa Clarita’s economic vitality because, as a business owner, I know firsthand how difficult it has been for our residents, business owners, and workforce. My financial skills and experience will allow me to help make solid and informed decisions regarding the city’s budget, staffing, and planning for the future.

As a city in northern L.A. County, Santa Clarita should qualify for an exemption from state and county mandates not in the community’s best interest. I’m also interested in revisiting the feasibility of creating our own public health office like other nearby cities have done. Such an exemption will, in part, allow the city to attract new businesses keeping tax dollars here and the city solvent.

Public Safety & Infrastructure

Homelessness is increasing. Incidents involving drugs and children are more frequent in our local parks.  Break-ins and other robberies are on the rise. This is unacceptable. The safety and security of Santa Clarita’s residents are of utmost importance. The city must partner with and fully support the Los Angeles Sheriff’s Department as it works to keep us all safe.

Safety and security also require robust infrastructure. The city must maintain and improve our roads, sewer system, and water systems responsibly and where financially feasible. I’m also concerned about the pace of residential development and the near-urgent need for a second local hospital or trauma center on the East side of Santa Clarita. The city is one catastrophic earthquake or large-scale disaster away from completely overloading Henry Mayo Newhall Hospital.

I will work to improve Santa Clarita’s public safety through my litigation and mitigation experience working within the court system. My experience navigating complex legal terminology and issues will benefit the city council. I will be able to dissect and interpret legislation from federal, state, and county governments to ensure the City of Santa Clarita is effectively advocated for and protected from burdensome restrictions and mandates.


Once elected, I would like to donate 10% of my City Council salary to one non-profit a month. Since this position serves for four years, that means 48 opportunities for non-profits. Some of the non-profits on our list currently are Henry Mayo Foundation, Sheriff’s Foundation, Single Mother’s Outreach, The Guardians, SCV Senior Center, Bridge To Home, Soroptimist International of Greater Santa Clarita Valley, Soroptimist International of Valencia, and Boys & Girls Club of Santa Clarita Valley.

We would also love the community’s input! If you have a non-profit that you think we should consider, please send their information to us below!

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This is a non-partisan race - all Citizens want to live their best life here in Santa Clarita and the beauty of this position is that party affiliation is neither important or relevant to achieving that goal.

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